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Press Release Story

New CCW License Application and Renewal Process at YCSO
(Posted 10/19/2018)

Beginning December 3, 2018, the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office will be implementing an online process for issuing Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) licenses. The CCW process is currently a paper application submittal with hard copy files and multiple in-person visits to the office for the applicant during office hours, which YCSO will now be modernizing to a web-based digital process beginning in December. The computer program is called “Permitium”. It allows for new applicants and existing CCW holders to electronically apply, modify, renew, pay permit fees, and communicate with the Sheriff’s CCW staff from the comfort and convenience of your own home, on your own schedule. In California, over 50% of all County Sheriff’s offices are using “Permitium” to process CCW licenses. We believe this new system will eliminate the need for applicants to make multiple trips to the Sheriff’s office and make the process of receiving and renewing CCW licenses faster and easier, as well as saving YCSO staff time and resources. In order to transition from a paper system to a digital one; YCSO will be placing a temporary hold on processing new and modified CCWs beginning November 1 and resuming December 3, 2018; to allow us time to prepare the new system and procedures for launch. Renewals that expire during November will be processed as usual. Current requirements and fees for a CCW in Yuba County can be viewed on our Sheriff website at http://sheriff.co.yuba.ca.us/CCW.aspx, which will be updated with the new website link and instructions when the program goes online in December.

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