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Reporting a Crime

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department offers the following option for reporting a non-emergency crime. Please DO NOT Call 911 for non-emergencies.

  • Leave a Crime Tip
  • You can leave a crime tip (anonymously if desired) with the Yuba County Sheriff's Office through the online web form. Potentially, your tip may not be reviewed until the next business day if submitted outside of normal business hours.

  • Call our Business Number (530) 749-7777
  • When you call this number you will initially receive an automated menu asking you to make a selection for the services you are seeking. If you select option “4” it will direct you to our Communications Center where you can speak directly to a dispatcher. This is the first step in reporting a crime.
    You always have the option of remaining anonymous. We will respond and investigate crimes anonymously reported. Please keep in mind the more information we are provided the better the opportunity is for us to successfully investigate the matter.

  • Emergency Calls

  • When should I call 911?
    Call 911 anytime you need, or think you need, law enforcement, fire or emergency medical personnel.

    When should I NOT call 911?
    Do not call 911 to report a non-emergency. 911 is designed for emergencies ONLY! If you are reporting a non-emergency please call our regular business number.

    Can I call 911 from my cell phone?
    Currently, most cellular telephone calls for emergencies are routed to our Communications Center; however, some calls are routed to the nearest CHP dispatch center. The location you are calling from will determine which dispatch center receives your call. CHP will forward your call to our Communications Center if it is not a traffic related issue.

    Can I use 911 during a disaster?
    If you have an immediate, life threatening need for assistance during a disaster, use 911. DO NOT use 911 during a disaster for any need that is not life threatening, or you risk overloading the system to the point it cannot serve those in jeopardy.

    What if I don’t speak English?
    911 systems in the State of California provide translation services. If you speak a language other than English, the 911 operator will transfer you to a translation line where over 100 languages are supported.

    What if I can only communicate by TDD or Computer?
    The 911 center at the Sheriff's Office is equipped with TDD (Teletype Device for the Deaf) detectors and have access to TDD translations services.