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Permitting Services

  • Various types of permits are coordinated and maintained by the Records Unit. Questions and submissions for permits are handled during normal business hours.

  • Some California State Laws apply to various permits in conjunction to county ordinance requirements.

  • Citizens may contact this department or the Yuba County Tax Collector’s office to seek assistance on requirements for specific permits.

  • Fees apply to most permits, and some permits may require fingerprinting in which a criminal history will be conducted through the State of California-Department Of Justice, and extend to the FBI.

  • Permit types include: Alarm, explosives, card room operator, card dealer, peddler, junk dealer, secondhand dealer, pawnbroker, junk collector, solicitor, dance, outdoor musical-festivals, and concealed weapons.

  • Residents and business owners are required to obtain a permit from the Sheriff's Office to install, connect, operate or maintain, or cause to be installed, connected, operated or maintained, an alarm system upon any property of which such person is in possession. Failure to obtain a permit is a violation of the ordinance. An application for an alarm permit may be obtained from the Records Unit or you may follow the link to print and fill out an application.

  • For more information on alarm permits, click the following link to read the Notice to Alarm Holders.
  • An application for a Concealed Weapons Permit may be obtained from the Records Unit, or you may follow the link to fill out and print one online. The form must be filled out in its entirety and brought to the Sheriff's Records Unit for processing. You can not email or mail in the completed form. You may turn in the completed form when you have completed the Live Scan prints. There are strict requirements that must be met by an individual before a permit can be authorized. A criminal history background will be conducted at a local level, state level and with the FBI through a fingerprint process. The entire process can take several weeks or longer.
    New Concealed Weapons Permits costs $205.00 and Renewals are $60.00.

  • For more information on Concealed Weapons Permits see the CCW Page.