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Officers and Employees of the Year

Peace Officer of the Year 2017 - Dan Harris

Peace Officer of the Year

Deputy Daniel Harris attended Pacifica High School and graduated in 1986. Following high school, Dan continued his education majoring in Criminal Justice and attended both the Correctional Academy and Police Academy at Yuba College.

Prior to working for the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department, Dan was employed at P.G.E.  He served in the U.S. Naval Reserves from 1985 to 1991 as an Explosive Cargo Handler and Equipment Handler.

Dan began his association with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department as a Correctional Officer from 1995 to 2000. In 2000, Dan was promoted to Deputy Sheriff.

During his career, Dan has served as an active member of the Search and Rescue team since 1997.  In 2012, he was assigned to the Marine Enforcement Division and shoulders the responsibility of a technical rescue operator.  His knowledge and expertise during the flood/high water emergencies at the beginning of the year were instrumental in conducting water rescues. He is constantly tracking our homeless population and participates in river bottom clean up days for which he was awarded a Sheriff’s Commendation for his assistance in December 2015

In August of 2005 he was awarded the Bronze Medal of Merit for the rescue of 6 people, 2 adults and 4 children, when the raft they were in had gone over the Dauerra Point Dam and became trapped. As a member of the Technical Rescue Team he displayed teamwork, determination and thoroughness which resulted in a successful rescue.

On August 1, 2017 while on his way to his boat patrol assignment, he responded to assist on a disturbance call near Oregon House.  Upon arriving to the scene he immediately responded to the sound of gunfire and entered the residence at great personal risk.  He first ensured civilians on scene were safe and then located his partners inside.  Not knowing the location or the status of the suspect, Deputy Harris pulled Deputy Everhart and then Deputy Bronson to safety.  He requested assistance, provided valuable updates, and initiated first aid.  Deputy Harris’ truly heroic actions were nothing short of amazing and he was awarded the Gold Medal of Valor which is the highest honor.

Correctional Officer of the Year 2017 - Kevin Cozad

Peace Officer of the Year

Kevin started his career with the Sheriff’s Department as a Reserve Correctional Officer and he was quickly promoted to full-time Correctional Officer.  He always has a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and he exceeds in the standard in initiative, team work, and problem solving. He is well respected by his peers and he is a fine representation of the Jail Divison.

This year Kevin was given the Transportation Officer Position, unfortunately he only had two days of training for this additional task before taking over the assignment.  This position requires a lot of procedures and explanations.  Kevin had to improvise and take on the challenge on his own.  He is responsible for getting inmates moved in and out of the facility, transporting them to and from state prisons, State mental hospitals and other county facilities for court appearances and those needed on our warrants.  He is also responsible for providing transportation for inmates being taken to their medical appointments.  He has to maintain methodical statistics on all his transports and work with other agencies and county staff.  He went into this position basically “blind” and had to learn the tasks on his own with little or no direction and has succeeded in making the transportation unit a smooth functioning division of the Jail.  He excels in the areas of initiative and communication and his knowledge and familiarity in penal codes and laws have assisted him with the transportation officer duties and responsibilities.

Kevin completed a presentation for digital timers in the booking area to help monitor safety checks.  The presentation was well received by supervisors and the proposal was actually implemented to help make the process more effective. 

Employee of the Year 2017 - George Breton

Employee of the Year

The Sheriff’s Department took over the management of Animal Care Services in September 1998 and luckily for us, we inherited George.  All of his evaluations since that time have stated that George far exceeds the standards in all categories.  His supervisor describes him as just a humble easy-going guy that shows up to work and does a great job each day.  He conducts himself in a manner that promotes good public relations, customer service and brings credit to the county.  He is the most senior officer and his work ethic is strong.  He represents our department well when dealing with the public.

In August 2017, he helped get the process going for a hobby kennel and the citizens he assisted with this project stated they were impressed with George and that he has that rare gift of being professional, helpful and most importantly in dealing with the public, friendly.

His commitment and dedication to the care of the animals and professionalism in the field has not gone unnoticed.  This past year, he has risen into the leadership role when we lost two Animal Care Officers.  George has received two commendations this year for providing excellent customer service in the field.  George is a consistent leader in the department’s statistics as well.  He leads in calls for service, court cases filed and citations issued on a monthly basis.

Not only does George show great dedication to performance of his job duties, but he is raising the bar of how we operate at Animal Care Services in the future.  George has stepped into the role of training officer with our newest ACO hire.  He is constantly willing to share his experience and ideas about how to make things better to run more efficiently.

Reserve Officer of the Year 2017 -  COMING SOON

Reserve Officer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year 2017 - Leonard James

Volunteer of the Year 2010 of the Year 

Leonard has been a STARS Volunteer since 2012 and has donated over 2400 hours to the Sheriff’s Department.  He primarily works with the Support Services Division working on vehicle maintenance.  His knowledge of mechanical repair allows the vehicle maintenance unit to quickly diagnose a vehicle’s problem, which results in a faster turnaround from a repair shop.  Leonard retired as owner of Speedometer where he repaired many of our patrol cars.  As a former repair shop owner he knows most other shop owners in our area which protects us from fraudulent repairs.  He will consistently work at least two days a week and will assist with other special projects when requested. 

Leonard states he joined the STARS program because when he was working our community gave him so much and he wants to give back to the community.

In his free time he enjoys the outdoors specifically hunting and fishing and he is found sharing his fishing and hunting adventures with other department members.