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Offender Watch

This Sex Offender Registry is provided as a community service by the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office. The purpose is to provide public information on local registered sex offenders who are required to register under the State of California Penal Code Section 290. The absence of any identified offenders in your area does not imply there are no potential threats. This site is committed to providing the most current and reliable information available to the Sheriff’s Office. The Yuba County Sheriff’s Office shall not be responsible for any injury or damage resulting from the use of or reliance on any information provided or the lack thereof. The use or misuse of any information contained on this site to commit any criminal act could result in criminal prosecution.

If you believe any of the information contained in this registry to be inaccurate, or to report a change in information, please contact the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office by one of the following methods.

Telephone: 530-749-5103
E-Mail: rleon@co.yuba.ca.us

Regular Mail:
Yuba County Sheriff’s Office
Sex Offender Registry
P.O. Box 1389
Marysville, CA 95901

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