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Support Services Division

The Sheriff’s Department Support Services Division is responsible for providing support service to units and divisions within the Department through a variety of programs and services. The programs and services include:

  • Communications
  • Records
  • Crime Analysis
  • Animal Care Services (ACS)
  • Technical Support
  • Vehicle and Facility Maintenance
  • Special Project
  • Training
  • Recruitment

The Communications Unit answers emergency telephone calls and provides radio dispatching services for the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department, Wheatland Police Department, ambulance services, and multiple fire agencies in the county area. The Unit also coordinates quality assurance for the California 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System regarding the Master Street Address Guide which ensures proper address locations for their associate telephone listing.

The Records Unit is responsible for maintaining an extensive records section, which includes criminal arrest warrants, criminal reports, permits, criminal arrest records, crime statistics, and a variety of other documents. In addition, the Unit provides mandated data collection for domestic violence orders and the data integrity of the 9-1-1 databases.

The Animal Care Services Unit is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of laws dealing with animals within the unincorporated areas of the County, and within the incorporated cities under contract. It also assists the citizens of Wheatland and the Wheatland Police Department with animal issues when requested.

The Technical Support Unit is an ongoing cooperation with the County Information Technology Department. The individual assigned to the Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the daily operation of computers and the computer programs associated with the Sheriff’s Department.

The Vehicle and Facility Maintenance Unit assists in the procurement of vehicles for all three Divisions, maintains the Sheriff’s Department fleet (maintenance, repairs, and service), and provides building maintenance for the main Sheriff’s Department, substations, and range facilities.

The Special Projects section assists with any Sheriff’s Department project which may affect any of the three Divisions or which may require a coordinated approach with other Yuba County Departments or outside agencies.

The Training Unit identifies, schedules, coordinates, trains, and maintains the records for training for all Divisions of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Recruitment Unit assists the three Divisions of the Sheriff’s Department with their personnel needs including coordination with the Yuba County Personnel Department to recruit personnel for openings as well as attending job fairs, updating job classification data, and assisting any needs to make the Sheriff’s Department employees careers more productive