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Operations Division Overview

Patrol Operations

Patrol Operations is the single largest unit within the Operations Division. Patrol personnel are the first to respond to emergencies and other calls for service. They are responsible for enforcing state and local laws within the unincorporated areas of Yuba County. The department provides 24-hour service to more than 55,000 residents. As Yuba County continues to grow, our goal is to match that growth within the Sheriff’s Department to maintain the level of service our citizens expect and deserve. More Information....

Field Training Program

Every new Deputy Sheriff must complete 664 hours of law enforcement training through a Basic Academy before joining Patrol Operations. When first hired by the department, Patrol Deputies are assigned to the Field Training Program. This program consists of 16 weeks, divided into 4 phases of instruction.

New Deputies are assigned to Field Training Officers. They work side-by-side as the new Deputy receives “hands on” instruction in all phases of patrol work. They are evaluated in all aspects of the job on a daily basis. Deputies must successfully complete this training before they can work in a solo capacity.

Reserve Officer Program

The Reserve Officer Program augments Patrol Operations. Sheriff’s Reserves are citizens who have interest in serving their community by assisting with law enforcement activities. After extensive training, they are used to supplement full-time staff. The reserve program offers the department a cost effective method to enhance patrol capabilities and reduce overtime requirements.

There are two classifications of reserve officers in the Sheriff’s Department. A Level I reserve may work alone, having completed the same training as full-time Deputies. They can perform the same duties as a full-time Deputy. A Level II reserve must also complete specific training requirements. They can perform general law enforcement functions while under the immediate supervision of a full-time Deputy. More Information...

Sheriff's Cadet Program

The Sheriff’s Cadet Program was established to encourage and foster standards of professionalism in law enforcement for young adults interested in careers in criminal justice. This program offers the cadets interaction with positive role models, insight into how the department operates, and an understanding of how the department serves the public.

Cadets are required to volunteer at least 16 hours per month, but often devote more time. Cadets assist in a variety of ways, but primarily ride alongside Patrol Deputies to see how law enforcement works firsthand. More Information...

STARS Volunteer Program

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department is fortunate to have a dedicated and active citizen volunteer program called the Sheriff’s Team of Active Retired Seniors, or STARS.

The STARS Program is a non-profit organization comprised of citizens who are interested in serving their community by donating their time to the Sheriff’s Department. STARS help in a variety of ways, including citizen patrols, public events, vehicle maintenance, and assisting full-time staff throughout the department. The needs of the department are paired with the talents of the volunteers. More Information...

Sheriff's Posse

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department has both an active men’s and women’s posse. These citizen volunteers assist the department in search and rescue operations. You can click here for a Posse Volunteer Application. They are active in the community, while participating in a number of community events and functions throughout the year. More Info on Women's Posse...
More Info on Men's Posse...

Marine Enforcement

The Marine Enforcement Detail is responsible for patrolling and enforcing boating regulations on the lakes and rivers in Yuba County. The Unit is staffed year-round with two full-time members of the department. During the summer months a third person is added to the unit and is assigned exclusively to Bullards Bar Reservoir.

This Unit divides its time on Camp Far West Lake, Bullards Bar Reservoir, Collins Lake, Englebright Lake, Lake of the Pines and the Yuba and Feather Rivers.


The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department is a member of a joint narcotics task force called NET-5, which serves the Yuba-Sutter area. Other members of the task force include the Marysville Police Department, Yuba City Police Department, Sutter County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, and the State Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement.

NET-5 exclusively targets illegal drug use, possession, manufacturing and sales. They work closely with local law enforcement agencies, as well as other city, county, state and federal agencies. This combination of forces allows the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department to commit greater resources to enforcing narcotics laws and combating this serious social problem.

Technical Search and Rescue

It is the responsibility of the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department to coordinate search and rescue efforts in the County of Yuba. To achieve that goal the department has established a Technical Search and Rescue Team that is trained to perform search and rescue missions on both land and water.

The team is equally adept at swift water rescue as well as land search missions. They are trained at water rescues, including underwater rescue and recovery, and the latest techniques and strategies for search operations.

Crisis Negotiations

The Sheriff’s Department's Crisis Negotiations Team is skilled at resolving highly volatile incidents into a peaceful resolution. Our trained negotiators are used in hostage situations, barricaded subjects, suicidal subjects and other dangerous incidents. Negotiators often work closely with tactical teams as a combined approach to resolve potential lethal situations.

Coroner/Public Administrator

The Coroner’s and Public Administrator’s functions for Yuba County are combined with the Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Sheriffs assigned to Patrol Operations are also Deputy Coroners.

Pursuant to §27491 of the Government Code, the Coroner has the responsibility and obligation to investigate the cause and manner of all sudden, unusual and unattended deaths.

The Coroner only inquires into the cause and manner of death. The responsibility to investigate any criminal act associated with death is the responsibility of the law enforcement agency within whose jurisdiction the criminal act occurred.

All deaths falling under the jurisdiction of the Yuba County Coroner’s Office are reported. The Chief Deputy Coroner then determines whether the deceased’s physician can certify the cause of death or if further inquiry is required. More Information..

Investigations Unit

The Investigations Unit is comprised of Deputy Sheriffs and Sergeants who are highly trained and experienced in criminal investigations. They are responsible for investigating the more serious crimes such as homicides, robberies, burglaries, gang related crimes, serious physical assaults and sexual assaults.

Detectives are adept at interviewing, report writing, crime scene investigation and meeting the challenge of solving crimes. The unit also provides assistance to patrol personnel in conducting follow-up investigation of open cases that require in-depth attention or specialized expertise. More Information..

Canine Program

Canines and their handlers are a valuable resource for the Sheriff’s Department. They assist in building searches, search and rescue, crowd control, community events and protection against attack on the handler or other Sheriff’s personnel.

Canines units are assigned to Patrol Operations, but they are also available for call out when not on duty. Our canine program is responsible for the apprehension of numerous dangerous criminal suspects, thereby protecting department personnel and making our community safer.

Marijuana Eradication Program

METYU is an acronym given to the department’s Marijuana Eradication Team for Yuba County. It was organized several years ago to investigate and eradicate illegal marijuana grows in the county.

The team is comprised of members of the Sheriff’s Department who are regularly assigned to Patrol Operations. Much of the team’s time is spent in the foothill area of the county, but the team will respond wherever needed. They often work in conjunction with the NET-5 narcotics task force and the National Forest Service.

Gang Detail

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department was instrumental in developing the Yuba-Sutter Area Gang Enforcement Team, or YSAGE. This task force combines local law enforcement agencies in a multi-jurisdictional approach to combating criminal street gangs.

Auto Theft Detail

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department is a member of the Yuba-Sutter Vehicle Theft Suppression Enforcement Team, or VSET. This is another task force combining local law enforcement agencies focused on investigating vehicle thefts, and related crimes in the Yuba-Sutter area.

Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS)

The patrol division staff is responsible for working COPPS projects in all areas of the county. Deputies and Community Service Officers self-initiate COPPS projects and form partnerships with citizens and other government agencies to combat issues through non-traditional law enforcement methods. Some COPPS projects undertaken to date include: the razing of abandoned buildings, weed abatement, towing of abandoned vehicles, combating vagrancy and relationship building between deputies and the youth of Yuba County. The goal of the COPPS program is to concentrate efforts of county government and our citizens to improve the overall quality of life in Yuba County.

In the first eight months of 2007 the department worked over 70 COPPS projects. The efforts led to the razing of 16 abandoned buildings and the towing of over 110 abandoned vehicles. In addition, deputies made contact with business owners and multi-home residence managers at 19 locations to lend assistance with Crime Prevention measures. The program is on-going and there are current projects attempting to rid the county of graffiti, educate Yuba County citizens on crime prevention through neighborhood meetings, and enforce the county ordinance on the use of mobile homes without the proper permit.

Aero Squadron

The Yuba-Sutter Aerial Squadron is a combined Yuba and Sutter County organization. It is made up of pilots who volunteer their time and aircraft to assist in search and rescue operations or to fly marijuana detection missions. Each member must maintain proficiency with the aircraft they operate. More Information...