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Mental Illness Arrest


A step-by-step guide to help families cope with the criminal justice system in Yuba County when a family member who suffers from a brain disorder (mental illness) is arrested.


  • If your family member/friend calls you and says that he/she has been arrested, help him/her stay calm and offer your help and support.
  • If your family member/friend is being held in the County Jail, remind him/her of the right to have an attorney present if being questioned by law enforcement officers or detectives.
  • Your family member/friend will be screened for mental illness, as well as other health concerns, upon arrival. It is very important that they be direct and honest to benefit as much as possible from this screening process. Assure your family member/friend that it is OK to discuss his/her physical and mental condition, diagnosis, medications, etc., with the staff conducting the screening, which includes Sheriff’s nursing staff and Jail Correctional staff. It is important your family member feels safe to speak openly with the mental health screeners.


Yuba County Jail
215 5th Street
Marysville, CA. 95901
Phone: (530) 749-7741
Jail Fax: (530) 741-6271
Jail Medical/Mental Health FAX: 530-749-7938

  • Call the County Jail and advise the answering officer that you are calling regarding your family member who is in custody and you wish to speak about their mental status. Inform the staff member that your family member suffers from a mental illness and describe the diagnosis and any other concerns you might have. Inquire as to your relative’s status and estimated length of stay at this facility. Ask if he/she is expected to be released from the jail. If he/she is going to be released from the jail (this sometimes occurs for minor offenses), ask for the time and place so you can be there to pick them up.
  • Important: Make sure that if the family member/friend is released from custody that you ask the officer for the next court date and court house address.


  • You will find the Inmate Medication Information Form here: Print, complete, and fax the form as instructed below.
  • Please fax the Inmate Medication Information Form as soon as possible.
  • Keep a copy of this fax for future reference. If your family member/friend is transferred to a different facility, you may need to fax this information again.
  • On the cover page, indicate whether your family member/friend has provided you with a written confidentiality waiver. If your family member/friend has not previously done so, ask that he/she sign one while in jail. The jail nurse is prohibited by law from giving anyone information about a client’s status unless they have the client’s consent, but the jail staff can receive information from relatives or friends without the client’s consent.
  • Once your family member/friend has been booked, fax the document described in Step Three to the appropriate number below. Faxes can be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    FAX NUMBER 530-749-7938


Inmate information is readily available on the internet at http://sheriff.co.yuba.ca.us/divisions/jail.aspx. Click the large “Inmate Search” icon on the left side of the page or click the “See who’s in Custody” link. Agree to the conditions of use and enter the last name of the person is question in the search bar.

TIP: Inmates are sometimes booked in with hyphenated names. If you are unable to locate him/her, try any names your relative may have used.

Use the links on the jail web pages to access visiting hours, mailing address, and frequently asked questions.

Supporting and coping with a loved one who suffers from a brain disorder can be extremely challenging and stressful. Knowledge, as well as your love and fortitude, will be essential in helping you to become a strong and effective support system for your family member. For information about support groups and educational programs provided free of charge in your area, contact NAMI, on the internet at www.namicalifornia.org.