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Press Release Story

Cascade Fire Evacuation Update and Road Closure Modifications
(Posted 10/10/2017)

The evacuation orders for the access modified below will be reduced to an evacuation warning; all other closures will remain in place and under mandatory evacuation. The modified closures are as follows: • Loma Rica Rd at Smith Rd; Loma Rica Rd will open from Hwy 20 to Smith Rd • Loma Rica Rd at Bevan Rd; Bevan Rd will be open • Virginia Rd at Smith Rd • Marysville Rd at Spring Valley Rd; Marysville Rd will open from Hwy 20 to Spring Valley Rd and Spring Valley Rd will be open from Hwy 20 • Marysville Rd at Fruitland Rd • Marysville Rd at Scott Grant Rd • Marysville Rd at Loma Rica Rd • Township Rd at Peoria Rd; Peoria Rd will open from Hwy 20 • Peoria Rd at Bald Mountain Rd; Bald Mountain Rd open to Peoria Rd • Fruitland Rd at Honcut Rd Current closures still in place for mandatory evacuation area: • Marysville Rd at Willow Glen Rd • Loma Rica Rd at Laporte Rd • Laporte Rd at Vierra Ln • Laporte Rd at Honcut Rd • Laporte Rd at Darby Rd • Loma Rica rd at Fruitland Rd • Loma Rica Rd at Los Verjeles Rd When entering the area, please be cautious of emergency equipment and personnel as they are operating in and around the area. Check the roof and exterior areas for sparks and embers as well as the attic and throughout the house for hidden burning sparks and embers. When picking up animals from a shelter, please have a photo ID. Upon returning home make sure you have food, water, and proper containment for your animals. High temperatures and fire damage can cause normal household items to become hazardous to you and your animals. Make sure your property is safe before returning home.

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